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Currently it's estimated that more than 5% of people in the USA work from home with many suggesting that by the end of 2020 this could even grow to around 50%. In 2019 it was estimated that around 30% of the UK experienced working from home.

As technology and the ability to work from home grows, we can expect these percentages to grow. Add to this the number of people looking to start their own business - having a well planned home office space will help improve productivity.

We want to help you design that perfect space as well as choose your new work from home career.

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Who Am I

That's a very deep question. Who are any of us? Well, I'm a collection of my experiences and my experienced have included many times working from home. In that journey I've planned my home office space, I've created my working space and I've worked from home in it. 

Part of that working from my home office has been thinking up and working on work from home ideas. I'm always looking for that next, best thing to allow me to continue working from home.

Part of the journey through this site will be about designing, part of it will be about what to use it it and part of it will be talking about those work from home ideas. 100% will be about your home office...

So, why not join the journey with me.

My journey to working from home

My story; my introduction to home working came back in 2002 when I was working for a large mobile telecoms provider. They had introduce home working for a number of their employees as a trial, and, although they didn't take it up for every employee, they found it of great benefit to some of my colleagues that lived more rural.

Although I was not one of those chosen employees - I had the experience of home working for 3 months when I was involved in an accident and broke my right angle. Experiencing home working gave me a passion to try and do this more. I wanted to be in charge of my schedule - where I could be. Allowing me to work those times I found fitted my own energy patterns. 

 Since then I have worked for a number of companies that allowed me to work from home once/twice a week - though none full time. So, I'm always in pursuit of a company that will allow me to do this OR that work from home business. 

 I'm here to share my journey. Here to share the ideas I try to start my own personal home business as well as share any roles and companies I meet along the way with the forward sight of allowing their employees to work from home.

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