5 Money Saving Tips For Your Home Office

Whether you run a multi-million dollar company or are a freelancer entrepreneur running a small business and on a lower budget, here are my 5 Money Saving Tips For Your Home Office to keep a well-appointed home office.

A great home office will mean the difference between a productive day and a frustrating one. The thing is, you do not have to break the bank to create a workspace worthy of your many talents. You can create an efficient and productive home office is more affordable than you might think.

Here are my 5 money saving tips for your home office

here are 5 Money Saving Tips For Your Home Office that will get you started because I want to help you save your money for a more enjoyable activity.

1. Keep a pile of scrap paper

So, around 7 years ago I started working at a new company, I’d done it before. However, one of the guys I worked with used to make a book out of scrap paper. So, to give context, the printers we used only printed on one side and had a header page with every printout.

So, every page that was scrap including this header, he would put in a pile and use the unused sides for his notes, drawing diagrams and anything he wrote down. I took up the mantle and did exactly the same, even to today. Any scrap paper I get, I put in a pile and use it as note paper.

2. Free and open source software

For more years that I can remember I’ve been using free given away software. It started in 1995 when I first started to use Linux, I had it installed on my desktop by 1996 (95 floppy disks to download). Any software I wanted to use, I used to wait till an older version was given away on a magazine cover disc.

Fast forward to today and the options available are tenfold. From office productivity suites and word processing programs to antivirus protection and photo editing software, there are free versions of virtually any software out there. For nearly all commercial products on sale, there will be a free open source equivalent product that is just as good.

Software is such an expensive outlay, any saving and free product you can use as an alternative solution will mean you can spend that money on something else of importance.

3. Buy used furniture for your home office

Let me start by saying, sometimes the items you find second hand are of a greater quality and better build than buying new flatpack furniture. It does not matter if that desk is new or used; what matters is its quality construction. Check out thrift stores, online classifieds and other sources of quality used furniture – a little shopping around could save you money.

4. Refill your own ink and toner cartridges

Inkjet and laser toner cartridges these days are expensive, I think that a single cartridge for my Epson printer is around $20 or so.

So, it really makes sense to save money by buying refill packs and refilling your own cartridges. When you buy a printer for your office, look for a printer whose cartridges are easily refilled.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel comfortable refilling your own cartridge. To save money, look for a printer where you can buy an abundance of third party and cheaper cartridges.

5. Shop for the sales

This last tip is something you may say is obvious. To shop for sales on items sounds like something you would do, but quite often we don’t look enough for the cheapest or best option.

To give two examples of what I mean. The first is about shopping online vs shopping at a local shop. I was looking to purchase a product recently, I looked on Amazon and it was a great price. However, a visit to a local supermarket and I saw the same item on sale for a more reduced price. We sometimes automatically think that the cheapest prices are online. This is not always true.

The second example was to do with an item for sale on eBay. This item was a good price, however, a search online revealed I could get the same item brand new (it was second hand on eBay) for the same price. I have often seen items bid on on eBay for a price greater than I could get new online. Sometimes its just good to look that little bit more to save you money.

Just 5 tips to get you started

These are just 5 tips to get you started on your journey to save money, but also have a well-stocked office. Every one of the above 5 tips can be accomplished with ease. So, get saving today.

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