About Us

Let me introduce myself

Hi everyone, and let me start by saying welcome to my site. I’m Sean and I’m really excited about sharing my journey and the info I learn with you.

Why Home Office Learning

This is quite an easy question to answer really. I created the site to share the info I learn.

To maybe give you a little more info, I live in a standard size old house on the South Coast of the UK, in a town called Poole

In this house I have a small, and I mean small, office room that is really in need of attention and updates.

I need inspiration. I need ideas. So I thought, why¬† Not share what I find with everyone else. I’m sure I’m not the only person with an office to create.

Wait, there’s more

You will see a bit part of this site will be a journey in design. There is another subject, level if you will, to my home office working.

The big reason I want to redesign. Is because I want to work from home more. I’m on another journey in parallel, to discover ways of working from home and making a living from it.

I will be sharing this other journey with you too, so as to hopefully help inspire you and give you ideas of things you can start from home.

So, keep on visiting

If your interested in either, or both, of these journeys then keep on visiting. I look forward to chatting with you all soon.