Always Use Images In Your Posts


This seems like an obvious post to make, but its something that I need to cover and point out – because if I don’t, it’s an obvious bad mistake to make. So, if your asking yourself the question of ‘should I use images in my posts’, well here is a compelling answer and reason to do…

Always use images…

I could end this post on just that title now. It really says it all, but I always like to expand a little on what is said.

So, you, me, we live in a very visual world. Visual items tell us far more than anything we read. You may have head the expression, idiom

An image is worth a thousand words

Well, it’s true. We can get far more information from an image of a place or subject than reading – although if its a subject that needs explaining then both are as important as each other.

So, to that end. Try and place as many images in your posts as possible. At a bare minimum, have a featured image.

You could also go to the other extreme – have several or more images with just a few lines of text between them. I’ve seen may posts (such as on food or holidays) like this and they work very well.

Always use images. Post done 🙂

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