Creating Yourself A Comfortable Place To Work

Creating yourself a comfortable place to work. To be productive when you are working from a home office, you must first be comfortable in your office. How are you going to be able to come up with that perfect idea, report, website, in fact, anything you could be working on if you’re too uncomfortable to work.

Comfort is the chair you are sitting in, but it’s not just how comfortable that is. Comfort is made up of so much more, it’s to do with all your senses and not just your sense of touch.

Make Sure The Temperature is to Your Liking

Things such as temperature is a subjective thing. One person’s too hot is another person’s too cold. The great thing about having and working from your own home office is that you control the temperature for you. As this is the case, make sure the temperature is to your liking. If the temperature is not right, either too hot or too cold, you may find you don’t perform to the best of your ability. The best thing to do, if you’re not sure of your most productive room temperature, is to try different temperatures until you find the perfect one.

Make Sure You Pick the Right Furniture

This relates back to the first thought of comfort, about sitting in a comfortable chair. When you think of design and the furniture, it goes a little beyond just a chair to have comfort in the furniture. For example, if the desk is too high for your height, you may find it uncomfortable to work at.

Pick a comfortable chair, remember you are going to be sitting in it for longer periods. I suggest you make sure it has armrests and that they are adjustable to suit your body position. Maybe you want a bookshelf, some sort of filing solution. Though on how everything in your office can be placed to work most efficiently.

Some of these items can be expensive, although as with many things, there are cheaper options available – just as long as they have all the functionality you need.

Make Sure the View Works For You

Another thing you will need to think about, to have a comfortable office, is what you see. Many forget about the visual senses when working on a design of something like an office. You need to have comfort in what you see. Remember, you are going to be sitting in there for long periods of time, and if you’re blinded by bold bright colours on the walls or some other visually offensive thing, then this can make you uncomfortable.

If you have a window your room, especially if it has a nice view, then you may want to have your desk in a position that you can see out. That is, if the design of your office allows for that.

Personalise Your Space

If your a full-time work at home employee or an entrepreneur, then you are going to be spending, most likely, all day in your home office. It’s in your best interest to try and personalize the place and make it feel a little more like home. Now, that doesn’t mean adding a sofa or TV (though in some cases it might).

Depending on your preferences, personalizing your office space could be as simple as putting up pictures of your family to fully decorating the walls. Make sure you paint the walls something that makes you feel comfortable. You may also want to put up things like motivational posters on your walls.

Have Music Available

Music is a powerful. Used correctly it can invigorate, improve your mood and can help with your productivity. Audio is another sensory input that you have to ensure you have taken into consideration for your home office build. The great thing about the internet is that, you can listen to many online music sources through any connected device. Some may find playing music through their computer disrupting – so you could potentially add an online VA with a speaker such as the Google Home or Amazon Echo. I personally use the Echo.

When I want to lighten my mood, I simply get it to play something fun.

Having a Break Room

Now, in your home office, your break room may be your downstairs lounge, your kitchen or some other room in your house.  Burnout is a real concern for entrepreneurs. Not only can it hurt overall productivity, it can lead to a higher turnover rate. If you can’t take a break, your spirit will probably break, along with your health and the startup.

A break room simply allows you to step away from your office, your computer or other work items, and relax, re-energise and simply take 5 minutes. Work too hard and you find your comfort levels go way down along with your productivity.

Keep Things Organized

The final thing I wanted to mention was to keep things organised. You can waste a surprisingly large amount of time just finding the right file if it’s not in the right place. Even people with messy offices tend to have some reason to their madness, a system that works just for them.

So, simply keep things organized – it will save you time and money in the long run

Creating Yourself a Comfortable Place to Work

So that’s my time on creating yourself a comfortable place to work. Remember, being comfortable will mean you will be more productive. Help yourself be productive and design your office to be comfortable for you to work in.

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