Finding LSI keywords


First, let us go over what an LSI keyword is.

LSI, which stands for Latent semantic indexing, is a system used by search engines to analyse other words that people are using surrounding the content you are producing.

LSI keywords are words and phrases with a high degree of correlation to the target topic.

  • One thing to note. LSI keywords are not synonyms. So, if we were writing about jogging: we wouldn’t have running as an LSI keyword as this is a synonym of jogging.

What is an LSI keyword?

So, above we talked about what an LSI keyword is, but what does it mean? Personally, I find an example of the best explanation.

So let’s take my favourite subject as an example: Coffee.

So, we have our keyword “coffee”. We would have this keyword splattered around our page or post. With this, we need to add some of these LSI keywords.

These other keywords must have some association. So, I would choose some of the following.

  1. Brands
  2. Recipes
  3. Beans
  4. Machine
  5. Filter
  6. Water
  7. Drinks
  8. kit

And so on. The LSI keywords I would choose depends on the subject of the post.

If I was writing about cold coffee for example: I may add “I ie” or “Cold Brew” to my post.

So, how do I find LSI keywords?

So, now we know just what an LSI keyword is, how do we find them?

One of the quickest and fastest techniques to uncover 1st keywords is to use Google: Autocomplete.

Simply type in your keyword of choice and pay attention to the bold words it suggests.

These bold words are LSI keywords as suggested by Google: the search engine you want to rank in.

There are also tools out there, such as Uber Suggest, that will help you with keywords.

My personal preference is using the Google search engine technique because the suggestions are coming directly from Google: the search engine I want to rank in.

Just use LSI keywords

As search engines come up with new techniques to determine what ranks; continued use or creating good content will be the determining factor in your ranking.

As part of this great content, LSI keywords will enhance your content. They will take it up a level.

This is something you should be aiming for; delivering content people want to read. This will help with your ranking and may create more keyword you rank for.

This is certainly something to aim for with your content.

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