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Lets take a look around us for our home office setup ideas, We are surrounded by designs and design inspiration. The world is full of designs, things you may not of thought of. I remember a line from a movie once, I can’t remember which one, but it went something like ‘We’re surrounded by millionaires, such as the person that made the little plastic bit that goes on the end of your shoe laces’.

Design is a similar thing. The world around us, every single object, has a design and can offer us inspiration.

What if I want images?

I know, not all of us can be inspired by things in nature – for me its hit and miss. So, many of us want to see images, images of already created rooms, of furniture and other items.

Things that you can look at and say ‘I could see that in my room’ or ‘I’d love to do that in my office’. The great thing is, we have an ever changing, ever growing catalogue of images on the Internet.

Many places on the web have such images, photo’s taken by others of their office space. You could fill your inspirational / design board with these images or rooms, items, furniture and so much more.

So, where can I look?

I want to start the journey with Instagram. Every day hundreds of thousands, if not more, images are uploaded to Instagram. Many of these we can take design ideas from.

Each week I will take my top 3 favourite pics from Instagram and post them on the site, in a post for you to look at too.

For me, I will be taking inspiration from these in my home office design.

1. Clean and simple

For my first pick of the week, I went with this small, clean and simple setup. Sometimes, less is more, and in this case I just love home simple the setup is.

For those with very limited space, this maybe a design you would find of interest too.

Give me some light to my inspiration

Although this next image is not a full office setup, it’s just one small element. I absolutely love this light, at least I believe its a light.

I offers a lovely warm glow that would certainly give your office a warm feeling in those colder darker months.

3. Great Wall storage and art

So, for my 3rd and final pick this week it’s another simple setup. In this image, the desk is a little more cluttered than I would like, but if clean it would be a nice simple and clean setup.

What I live about this setup is the shelving and storage on the walls and the artwork. It has a great functional use, but adds a fantastic bit of design, almost art, to the setup.

Certainly a storage solution I would love in my office.

Hope you get some inspiration

So they are my 3 pics for this week. I will be looking at more at the beginning each week (maybe some in the week) and sharing them with you – hopefully offering you some inspiration on your own office design.

Remember: you can get inspiration from many things. Take photos, pick up items you find (if you like the colour) and put them all on a design board for you office.

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