How To Become Successful At YouTube

How To Become Successful At YouTube - working from home

YouTube and becoming an influencer has now become one of the top sought after careers for younger and some older generation. However, with so many people on YouTube, so many videos being uploaded – can you still become successful in 2020?

The answer is short and simple – Yes, you can still become successful on YouTube today in 2020 – and for the foreseeable future too.

Yes, there are more people on YouTube than when it started – so you can’t just create a video and hope it gets seen. You have to apply SEO techniques, you have to become part of social circles for you topic and become known for giving good info.

To help you, here are 11 tips to help improve your YouTube channel and become successful.

Top 11 tips

1. Define what success means to you

When it comes to their YouTube channel, and life, everyone has their own definition of successful.

This could mean something as simple as just increasing the view count on your videos. It could mean more subscribers – even hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

It may mean earning a little money from YouTube or it could mean doing it as a full time job and resigning from that job you hate.

What ever it is, your definition of successful is unique to you and you should start with defining this and writing it down. Stick it on your wall next too your computer. Keep it in sight and keep it in mind. 

This is what you are aiming for. Don’t change this goal until you have achieved it – then. You can create a new, more ambitions one.

2. Define your channels content

Once you have your goals – next it’s time to define what you channel is going to be about.

For example, your goal set above maybe to sell your own product. In that case you would define you channel and its content around that product and industry that product is in.

If your goal is to become known for gardening – then a gardening channel maybe the choice.

The content will be unique to what you enjoy. Making videos about a subject you enjoy will go much further in views than content on a subject you don’t enjoy.

Once you know the subject, plan out the content. Is it going to be how to videos, comedy sketches, reviews or some other content type.

Planning out the type of content will help when you comes to making the content consistent.

Consistency is key. Viewers like to know what they are going to be getting.

3. Make a business plan – Map it out

You need to treat this venture as a business. You have a specific goal in wanting to become a YouTube star. You know what your goal is now, as we have already though about this.

So, now it is time to plan/map out how you are going to get there. Make this plan as if it was a business plan – as it is of a sort.

Plan out your timeline – what days you will be consistently releasing videos. What equipment do you need? Who else, if anyone, is going to be involved? Set yourself some standards to adhere too.

Create a timeline of your channel – put in checkpoints e.g. after 6 months I will have 500 subscribers. These goals will give focus.

Once planned, stick to it. Don’t skip corners – make sure you stick to your standards.

4. Your channel art – make sure your channel page is welcoming

Presentation is key. You have set yourself some standards for your video content. You know how it should look at sound. These standards have to now be put to your YouTube channel page.

Not thinking about your channel page will hinder your YouTube growth. People will view your content – and if they like it, they will want to find out more about it’s creator.

If they then turn up to an incomplete YouTube channel they may feel disappointed. Updating the images for your logo and banner can be done from the channel page.

Also ensure you update the About section and include any links back to your own page – if you are working to get people to your own product or blog page.

If you want some info on image sizes for your channel art then check out this blog on social media image sizes.

5. Be consistent!

So, if you have read a few articles like this, on YouTube success, you will always see this one.

It’s that important! Consistency introduces your style to people viewing your content. They will know what they are going to be getting. They know when you are going to release new content (as you have planned above).

They know how your video content will look and feel. You will attract viewers to you content because of what you do and how you deliver it – along with the subject of course. If these viewers get consistent delivery of the content they like – they will stay. If it doesn’t have the consistent look and feel then they may not come back for more content.

Some things to think of to be consistent in your content.

  1. Always film in the same space with the same backdrop
  2. Always use the same lighting
  3. In post production – always use the same effects and colorization
  4. Use the same timing – or as close as possible
  5. Create a skeleton script and then fill in the parts for each video – so all standard elements are at the same points

These are just a few things to think on – but your videos need to be unique to you and you must take a moment to think what else you need to be consistent on for the content.

6. Get to the point

One other thing to think about in your YouYube videos is to get to the point.

There are many statistics out there on the recommended length of a video. When you have put up some videos – you can look at the YouTube statistics and see how long viewers are watching your content and when they move on.

The best idea is to get to the point in your video. Waffling on and never making your point will loose viewers. 

Using the skeleton script you have already made (from above) will allow you to think about your content first – then ensure you get to the point.

If you need further elaboration on a subject – then go into the details – but try to get to the point of each point in this detail.

7. SEO in your video description

SEO for your YouTube videos is one of the most important factors to think about.

At the moment of writing this article, it is said that YouTube is the second largest search engine. You’ve taken your time creating your content, ensuring it’s the best it can be. Now it’s time to get viewers to it.

We can treat the SEO as a number of steps. 1. Think about what keywords you want your video to be found for. 2. Type these keywords into YouTube (try for long tail – so a sentence rather than a single word). 3. Take a look at the video descriptions for the top 5 or 10 video. Note down any consistency in their text. 4. Write down any consistency in tags these videos use. 5. Write down any hashtag keywords – at the moment you can write a maximum of 3 hashtags in your content. 6. Change your search string slightly and run another search. 7. Repeat steps 3 – 5. 8. Once you have the best top keywords, do some research to see the competition. 9. Write your description. Ensure you follow good SEO techniques and add your 3 hashtag.

Getting the SEO right will deliver up your content to any searches. If the searches are popular ones – you will get more people checking out your videos.

8. Your video thumbnail

The video thumbnail may seem less important that the video content, the description and all the above. However, nothing could be more wrong.

Your YouTube video thumbnail is the most important part of getting your video viewed.

Take a moment to think through this scenario. Someone visits the YouTube site. They type in the search word and get a list of videos to view – including yours. The first thing they will see is the very visual thumbnail. 

If your video thumbnail is not visually appealing – they will just scroll on to one that does look appealing.

Once you’ve finished your video – before uploading it, just take 30 minutes to create an appealing thumbnail.

9. Keep up with your niche

If your video content is about a particular industry or niche – viewers watch the content of people they feel are knowledgeable about the subject.

Video content tends to fall into the category of entertainment or learning. Viewers either want to be entertains or learn something – and sometimes both at the same time.

To this end, make sure you keep up with your niche. Ensure the content you produce is up to date with the latest info, techniques, text, etc.

You want to be known as the go to channel for content on your subject – and to be known for that you need to deliver the best, most up to date content.

10. Manage your community

Over time, as you build up your YouTube channel you will create a community.

Your community will want to engage with you and will expect you to engage back with them. If they leave a comment, they hope for a reply. If they ask a question – then you need to answer it.

YouTube is a social platform – so you need to ensure you engage.

Create extra content, if you have not already, for your viewers. Add things such as a blog. Add your instagram page. Add a Facebook page. Create a good community so viewers want to come back and engage with you.

11. Learn from your analytics

YouTube offers a dedicated analytics page for your channel. This page gives you analytics and insight into your videos and subscribers such as viewing times.

Learn things such as how long someone watches your video and try to gather at what points the drop off.

If, for example, you see them drop off at around the same time length in each video – you know that either the content is too long OR at that part of the script you follow needs improving.

Taking the time to look at the analytics and learn from them will improve your videos, your channel and help you along your YouTube video star path.

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