How To Make A Home Office In A Small Space

How To Make A Home Office In A Small Space

Many of us want a home office, somewhere we can work from and create our amazing posts or products to earn us a living. For many of us, we have limited space and so usually end up working on the dining room table or some other space.

It is possible to create a wonderful office space in a small space.

Here are some home office ideas for small rooms for you to take some inspiration from when converting your space to your home office.

A fold-down desk

Every office needs a desk to work on but they usually take up most of the space in a small office space.

It’s a balance that you need to weigh up, on the one side you need something to work on but on the other, it takes up so much space.

Before you weigh up the pro’s and con’s; one more consideration is the fold-down desk.

A fold-down desk looks like a big shelf when down. The fit to the wall and when you need to use your desk you undo the latch and it folds down. For many, there are even little shelf spaces that are hidden when the desk is folded up.

Once down, you simply put your chair in place and start using. When finished you simply fold the desk back.

You get all the benefits of a desk while taking up very little space. You can create your workspace in many spaces through the house using one of these – including a under the stairs cupboard with a small enough fold down desk.

One thing to take into account with this type of small office desk. It is suited only to using laptops. As the desk folds up, you have no space to put your desktop computer.

Small office shelf space

We all have those items we use in our office. It could be some reference books (a good thesaurus and developer reference books are my downfalls); it could be writing material or all your camera gear.

Whatever it is, you need shelf space to put it on and having a small space can make that very difficult to allocate.

As I mentioned above, one solution is that a pull-down desk may have some small shelf space in its unit. This, although limited, maybe enough for what you need.

In the case that it’s not, one other solution you might want to consider is some shelving on the back of your door.

This will provide you with some space to put items in a space that already exists. When closed the shelves are hidden away.

One other idea is to have a corner unit shelf. This will take up less space than a conventional shelf unit, though still takes up some of y our valuable space.

The office chair

This is probably the most simple item to sort out because you don’t actually need a dedicated office chair for your small office.

You probably know this already, you can simply pick up any regular chair from your house and place it under the desk when needed.

You could also buy an office chair on rollers to roll in and out when needed – You can get some more comfortable chairs than those from your ddiningroom table.

A dedicated chair can really be the last item on your list just because of these facts.

Note space

The one last thing I considered for my own home office was note space.

Note space is somewhere you can write and display notes that are info and useful for getting your work done.

I fixed this solution for myself with two items that I attached to the wall.

The first one was a magnetic whiteboard. This allowed me to fix a large item to my wall where I can write useful notes. Being magnetic means that the rubber and pen holder attach to the board leaving it in one space.

The second item I use and is also attached to my wall is a cork inboard.

I can write notes on paper and using this pin them to the board for easy access when needed.

Both of these seam quite obvious, but both are really useful during my daily work

One last thing you can consider is that there are electronic post it’s and c virtual cork boards on your computer these days. You could also use these – though nothing beats the accessibility of a physical board.

In conclusion

If you have a small space to create an office, it can be done. In this post are a few ideas for you to take away and think on. They give you some solutions to fitting what are the bigger office items in your small space.

My goal here was to inspire your thoughts, to think out of the box (so to speak) and show there are solutions that can be used.

You can create virtually any small space into a wonderful small home office where you can get many hours of work completed before closing the door and packing it away till the next day.

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