Looking For Work From Home Roles – Day 1

Home Office Working - Looking For Work From Home Roles - Day 1

The start of a new journey

Previous posts on this site have evolved around things such as the setup of your office, top 5 office chairs and other such informative, excellent, posts.

However, there is a slight change about to happen.

I want to focus on work from home opportunities. To expand, I want to start some posts on my journey for work from home opportunities – to hopefully give you some insight into this important topic.

To have a work from your home office life you need to find the work from home career.

Why work from home roles?

Over a few previous posts I’ve referenced jobs, or at least ideas for work which you can do in your home office.

At the end of the day, setting up your home office is a fantastic and fun task. Talking about fixtures and fittings; designs; all great fun things. However, what is the use of a home office if your not working from home?

Why now?

So, why would I now start a series of posts about finding work from home roles? That’s quite simple; I find myself now in a position where I need to find a new role.

The role I currently do is coming to an end and I either need to find a new role where I am working for someone else (probably in an office) – or I find some work that I can do for someone (or myself) from my home office.

It’s time to start using that office. It’s time to start working from home.

So, as I am starting my journey to try and find something(s) I can do, I thought I would share my journey to help you come up with things you can do.

What have I tried?

I have tried this journey before – at least a lighter journey.

There are a few things I have tried. The first one is creating content.

When I talk about creating content; the content I talk about was on multiple platforms and media. I’ve tried my hand at creating videos and delivering them no a platform such as YouTube.

I’ve created online training videos. I’ve created blog and website content. I’ve tried my hand at Podcasting. I even tried setting up a computer repair business.

I’ve tried these things in the past but never really committed myself to them.

So, for this new content, these new posts, and the position I find myself in – it’s time to go all in. It’s time to search, share my search with you though these new posts, and ultimately share my results.

Keeping my work from home job search real

By sharing my search, sharing my ideas and sharing my results with all of you will keep it real.

I can’t cut corners. I can rest and do nothing. I have to keep moving forward, keep commenting and keep sharing with my progress.

My ultimate goal is to have a work from home business while at the same time giving you ideas and any roadmap for your journey.

To work from home, the goal

With that goal in mind I need to start coming up with ideas. Start researching them and start sharing. I want to share my ideas from start to end. Those that will work for me and those that won’t.

What doesn’t work for me, may work for you? So, sharing my research and results will hopefully give you some insight.

Numerous ideas are flowing already. Maybe I should turn my photography passion into work? Maybe I should give computer repairs another go? At this moment – any of these may or may not work?

Research is the key to figuring this out.

So, with that said – this post is really just to say expect more posts coming about working from home – the journey.

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