Small Home Office Room Insirpations

Small Home Office Room

Home office rooms can be of all sizes, just like any regular room. Some have large rooms and have problems filling it, whereas others (me included) have much smaller rooms, rooms where space is at a premium. In the case of a smaller office room, we have thing smart, think functional and try to fit everything in that we require, but not too much so that we can’t move.

One great place to look for design inspiration is Pinterest. Pinterest has so many fantastic images and designs, and small office rooms are no exception.

So, here are 5 images of great small home office rooms I found on Pinterest; something you can take inspiration from.

Scandinavian decorated home office

This first image says it’s from a Scandinavian decorated house, but what takes my appeal is that it’s a similar shape to the office room in my house.

Scandinavian Home Office
Scandinavian Home Office – Images taken from Pinterest

The room is long and slim which provides certain restrictions at times such as width fo desk and chair sizes, however, they have managed to pull it off very well. I also love how its all a white colour, including the floorboards.

This simple and clean design of white and black has certainly pushed a design idea for my own home office redesign – coming soon.

Why not put your desk on the wall

With this second office setup, I loved how they have made use of all the space.

Desk on wall
Desk on the wall – Images taken from Pinterest

The great thing about this office room is that no space is taken up with the lower part of the desk. Instead, the desk is fitted to the wall meaning you don’t lose any of that space.

I would suspect with this design, you will be only using it with a laptop as putting too much weight on the desk may cause problems. This is a great use of the space, I would also hope that the desk could be folded downward – though we can’t see that from this image.

Truly a small home office

This 3rd inspirational image is what I would call a truly small home office.

Closet Home Office
Closet Home Office – Images taken from Pinterest

From the image, it seems like this home office is in a closet. I absolutely love how they have used all the space, such as the placements to hand items on the door. I can see elements from here that I could use in an office, like those door placements.

Just 3 of many

In this post, I’ve just shown you 3 images of small home offices I liked elements of. There are many more on Pinterest, many that I will be using myself to take design ideas from.

If you looking to re-design your office, then why not make a board on Pinterest and fill it with the images you like. Create a board of inspiration – then use that in your own design. Remember to post an image up to share with others, to inspire them like you were inspired.

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