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Start With Your MVP

Before I started to blog, I read many articles, books and other content to figure out how best to start. Should I create the best design? Was there a set path to follow?

I was thinking that I need to have this fabulously designed website. Then in a number of articles, I read about how many people put off starting their blog to have this imagined site. It went on to say that many of these potential bloggers will most likely never create their blog as things were just not perfect.

Start with your MVP

Before we go any further, for those that are not sure, MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. What that really means is start with the basic, but a fully functional product that does what you want it to do.

What that doesn’t mean is that it has to be the perfect design. It simply has to allow you, in the case of a blog, to write content and people to be able to read the content.

In regards to this site, these tips, they will all be on WordPress. That is the platform I use, and it allows for a quick MVP to start blogging.

What you really want to do is create a domain, install WordPress and add a theme. Then start writing content, and impr0ve on your design as you go along. Don’t waste time never starting, a poorly design site can do quite well if the content is engaging and offers its readers something they are looking.

In contrast, a fabulous design website with poor content will fail. Content is what they come to read – and as long as people can read and digest that content, regardless of the look, they will return.

Don’t procrastinate. Install WordPress and just start blogging. Worry about design later.

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