Starting That Blog On The Cheap

Starting That Blog On The Cheap

So, the truth is, many of us think of starting an online business and most, including me, seem to gravitate towards a blog.

The idea is, that, we start a blog, add a few affiliate links and we start collecting the cash. We do think, naively, that it’s that simple. Quick disclosure is, that, it’s not that easy.

The good news is you can start a blog for relatively cheap. You don’t need to go out, pay lots of money for the host, for domains, for web design. You can do this relatively cheaply and with each time you do it you learn that little bit more.

Let’s break down what exactly you need.

The domain name

You need a name for your blog – generally, your name will be the same as your domain name.

I would recommend checking that a domain name exists before you decide on a name for your blog.

Once you have decided on a domain you need to go to a domain registrar and register your domain name. There are many out there, some cheaper than others. I recommend you shop around – sometimes you can get a great deal for your first year when you are new to a register.

You can often get a free domain name when you sign up to hosting companies. This is a good option – though 1 I don’t recommend. I have found that if you shop around for hosting you can get it quite cheap. The cost of your year plus the domain name is generally cheaper than a hosting company that bundles the domain free for the first year.

Try a new domain registrar – try and get one of the deals to get you domain as cheap as possible.

Hosting your website

You need some space on the internet for your webpage to go. For this, you need to pay for some hosting. Hosting, put simply, is a space on a machine that is connected to the internet. You put your website there, link up the DNS (domain name servers) to those of the hosting company and you’re ready to go.

Of course, there is more to it that that – is how the internet can see your webpages – but you don’t need to worry about those.

This is a good point for me to say that I recommend WordPress for building your website – which I will talk about next.

On your domain registrar, you will need to update the DNS services. Each registrar has a how to for this and it’s quite a simple process to do.

Building your webpage

So, you can go do the route of writing the HTML, CSS and any script to create your webpage.

However, this is time consuming and you would pay an expert a lot of money to do this.

I recommend using WordPress. Wordpress is a CMS (Content Management System) that was built to allow you to easily put together a webpage.

The software allows you to simply write what you want on your page, what you want in your posts and then publish them to the web.

You then choose a theme for your website from thousands of free (or paid) WordPress themes. 

WordPress is free. There are thousands of free themes. Thousands of free plugins to do many different things on your site.

It doesn’t have to cost much…

So, using these tips about you can get a webpage up and running quite cheap.

As an example, here is a breakdown of the cheapest site I have created.

Domain name registration (a – £0.99 1 year of cheap hosting £2.95 WordPress + Theme £0.00

Total £3.94

This site, like many, I put up to test if it was a good choice of subject or not. At less than £4 – if it doesn’t do well it’s not cost me lots of money to set up.

Creating a blog does not have to cost lots. There is an option for free blogs – though with those you are more limited to what you can do with them in regards to earning money.

Once up and running – it’s just time and effort to get content on your site to try and get traffic to your site so that it can earn you money.

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