The Brain Is A Muscle – You Need To Exercise It


So you may have heard this before. I’ve come across this several times from different blogging and content experts, and it is true.

The brain is like any other muscle, in that, if you exercise it, it gets better.

It’s all about the right exercises

However, from my experience, it’s about doing the right exercises. Writing every day is perfect to exercise your mind. Writing content each day helps you exercise that part of your brain, even if you’re not a great writer – I know I’m not.

However, just writing anything is not good exercise, I know as I’ve tried that and I don’t want you to fall into that same mistake. I want to make sure you write the correct content.

Before you start to write anything, you need to plan out a minimum of ten post titles. Try to add a bit of content to each, just examples of what to write about.

Use these to start your posts and blogging content journey.

Remember just one thing

Content is not just your blog posts. Tweets, Facebook posts, emails, anywhere you write anything is content.

It doesn’t have to be a blog post every day, count in all the above and you will find out you actually write more content than you think.

Exercise that muscle today.

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