The Multi-Hyphen Job Title

The Multi-Hyphen Job Title

For many years now, my thought process, idea, of business and working for yourself is that you can not just have one income stream. If you are reliant on just one income then you leave yourself at a disadvantage. If your income stream starts to dry up, then you’re on the backfoot trying to figure out new ways to make your income.

I have openly said to friends, colleagues and on an old website I had years ago. If you start a business then you need to start 5 businesses. You need to have businesses that have highs and lows for income at different times of the year so that each supplement the other.

What really inspired me to write this article, to share my thoughts, is a book I recently read called “The Multi-Hyphen Method“. This described, in more details than I ever articulated it, how I saw working for myself. The fact that I would, when and if it happens, have many roles and not be siloed into just 1. You need to have multiple income streams and to do that you need to be doing multiple different roles.

So, in this article, I wanted to talk more about what a Multi-Hyphen job title is and what you may need to change in your working life to achieve this.

What is a Multi-Hyphen Job Title

Simply put, a multi-hyphen job title is a title you call yourself which can contain multiple job titles separated by hyphens. So, as an example, I would describe myself in the job title of “Software Engineer – Photographer – Writer – Blogger – Web Designer“. Each of these roles may be an independent job in itself, but this title would cover all I would do during the week and month to earn a living.

I may be working as a Software Engineer for the majority of the week. I may also be blogging part-time, writing my own e-books and designing web pages. I may also be taking time during some of the week (which includes the weekends) days to take photographs and sell them. Maybe it could cover doing wedding photography; if I were to do that.

So, we can see from this example what I mean when I talk about a multi-hyphen job title. It may also contain roles that are not regular such as in my example. It may contain parent for example. The truth is that we may do many roles during the week and each one of these needs to be added if you want to be known as that title when explaining what you do.

Why use a multi-hyphen job title?

Job titles can have a bit of a stigma attached. Many need a job title to feel successful. Many others may use the title you give to understand if you’re of importance to them – if the role you tell them matches up with something they feel is important. We may have all fallen into this trap. Today more and more people are going down the self-employed road. The gig economy/jobs are rising in popularity. Freelancing is something many employees find to fit their life. When I left school and university the road to success was to get a good job, stay with it for 40+ years and retire.

This perception has changed with more employees these days looking at multiple roles. Never before has it been so easy, I think driven by freelancing and gig roles, to do multiple roles in the times you want; leaving them free to work just the hours they want while also having the time to pursue other roles and interests for themselves.

It can be a necessity

It could prove a necessity to have more than one role today. The truth is that many of us may need to do more than 1 job to survive. As mentioned above, the freelance and gig roles are rising in popularity – but the truth on those is they are not the best-paid roles out there and their availability can be less at some times when other times there is more available that you can complete.

To survive and to have a regular income from your work at home office, you need to do multiple roles to cover all times of your working week. That’s not to say you need to have a solid block of 8 hours in a row. You could have a role early in the morning. Then have a few hours break. Followed by a few hours in the afternoon. Then to finish, there could be a few hours in the evening.

It could also be that some of these roles are not the usual. It could be that part of your income comes from creating content such as blog posts or YouTube videos. You may have allocated time each day to produce this content.

Some roles have not been invented yet

There are some roles today, that, when some of us were younger, had not been invented. As an example, a social media influencer, YouTube video maker and blogger. These are roles that are new. Social Media managers are needed by companies these days, but going back 10 years or less – that role didn’t exist.

So, there are some roles that you could be performing tomorrow that have not yet been invented.

This means, as part of your daily routine – you should always be looking for opportunities to see if there are any newer types of roles you can become an expert in. Early adoption could mean you get ahead of the curve and add yet another title to your ever-growing job title.

What I am trying to say is…

What I have been trying to say in this post is, that, when working for yourself out of your home office, you have to take on different roles. You can not rely on a single job title; you have to reinvent your title to cover multiple different jobs.

You need to cover as many different jobs as you can so that you can thrive.

Having multiple job titles, having multiple roles you can fulfil will make you saught after and will mean you can enjoy the luxury of being one of those people who can work from home and make a good living from it. While also having the freedom to work when you want to and enjoy the freedom to take that personal and family time when needed.

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