Thinking About Retirement

Thinking About Retirement

When I was young I never thought about retirement. I worked with a number of people that were sorting out their pension plans, but I thought: It’s a long way off for me.

I was young. Retirement was nearly 50 years off. I thought to myself that I had a long time to think before then.

The years went by. Some companies I worked for I had personal pension plans. Some I didn’t. Now that I approach the 50 mark the realization of pensions in the UK hits me. The fact that without a personal pension – the state pension plan, if still around when I retire, will not cut it.

So, I find myself looking for alternatives.

The alternatives for retirement funds

The alternatives all relate to work in some form. I could take the route of working for a longer period. I’d always wanted to retire as early as possible. However, the reality is that it may be later than I ever wanted – if at all.

The other alternative is to come up with some plan or business that will continue to make me money with a decreasing amount of work required.

I’m not adverse to work – but I think that many of us want a work from home plan so that we can spend more time doing things with our family and friends. I want that. I want to think that instead of going into a place of work every day; I can do that from my own home.

In the past, I’ve looked at alternative ways to work and so I am going to start and continue this journey again. My goal is, to investigate these alternative work ideas and share with you my thoughts and findings.

I will try them out. Report and even continue using them if they are viable ideas.

Posting my findings

I’m going to start a series on this site. In the past, I’ve used this site for talking about ideas for home offices. Tools, tip and other posts related to that subject.

I will still write posts like that. I enjoy exploring ideas on how to set up your office. How to maximize space.

Along with these posts, I will be introducing this series of articles on my discovery of new ways to make an income. Ways to prop up any income for retirement. Maybe even a way to allow early retirement.

These articles will detail of what the scheme is, what you need to do to manage and run the scheme, any money you need to potentially put in, any money you get out and if it truly is a viable way to make money from home.

So, if you’re interested in this journey then check out any future posts on here.

Till next time.

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