Why I’m So Passionate About Working From Home

Why I'm So Passionate About Working From Home

One thing I’ve not shared so far; something that may put into perspective why I created this site and why I’m so passionate about working from home – and finding working from home opportunities.

I think many may also relate to my reason.

Growing up we didn’t have much money. For some of my early years, my father worked in the steelworks. However, people started to get laid off. Work started to run dry. So for a large percentage of my younger years, we relied on social/welfare money. It wasn’t because my family stopped working or looking for work – it was because the work they found was not so well paid.

When I hit 16 years, I started to work. It was terrible money and hours but I added to the pot. However, after a few years, I was laid off when the company I worked for went under.

I then spent a few years going from job to job and earning some money as well as spending some time on unemployment.

I was lucky though. After I was laid off again (another company going under) – I used that fact to fund me going back to college and then onto University – when the government still gave grants. I then went out to work in IT.

That said, even that has not been plain sailing. I’ve been laid off around 4 times now and had to find new roles – which has not always been easy. During these periods of off work, I’ve often thought about working from home doing my own business.

Doing my own thing

I’ve tried a number of things now. I’ve created training courses. I tried starting my own computer repair business. I’ve tried creating a web development business. Freelancing. App development. I’ve tried a few things in those times I have been off. Granted, most have been around IT as this is the field I have worked in – though I have thought about trying things like Spotify and creating my own shops.

The Internet has opened up so many opportunities that were not there years ago. Opportunities to easily set up a business and get the name out there.

These are the opportunities I really want to highlight on this site. To talk about and show just what can be gotten off the ground quickly and with limited money.

I also have an ulterior motive. I’m still looking for that opportunity myself. Something to get my own business off and running so that I am doing something I love without having to rely on another paycheque.

So what will I be doing moving forward

As I said above. I’ve been in a position of having no money – even using a food bank. I’ve survived on just £5 for 2 weeks of food. I wanted more. I want more for you. I want to put myself in a position of not relying on a company to pay my weekly wage.

I want to empower myself. More importantly, I want to empower you. I want to provide you with options to earn money from home – money that you earn irrespective of any company.

I want you to turn round and tell your story of the work you are doing. Companies you are starting. This is what I want to do moving forward with this site.

Occasionally there will be other posts. Posts on items for your home office. Design ideas. Maybe breakdowns of items you may want to use. I don’t want every post to be – ‘Try this to make money‘. I want to mix it up.

So, stay around. Leave comments. If you want to post an article yourself then why not let me know. Let’s all get to a place of financial independence – a place where we earn enough from our own endeavours to live the life that we want to.

That’s my hopes and dreams.

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