Why Is The Post Title So Important


This isn’t clickbait, I actually want to talk about why is the post title so important and why you need to get it correct for your post. Also, I want to talk a little about how you can test to get the best title.

So, what is the title?

This may seem like a silly question to ask, though if it was why you would you be reading a post with the title of ‘Why Is The Post Title So Important’?

So, the title is all about grabbing your reader. It’s about setting up their expectations on what they are about to read. The title is the single most important thing to get somebody reading your post.

For most blogs and articles, they see a page full of titles – it could even be on a blog site that you are just one of many writers. Your title needs to stand out, tell them what they are to expect.

I always think that the best title is the question they may be asking – so, with this post as an example, you may be asking yourself Why Is The Post Title So Important? This sets up the post to be the answer to this question.

Yes, it really is that simple. It’s important as it’s what grabs your reader by the eyes and says Read This!

But, how do I get the best title

So, believe it or not, you don’t have to stick with the first title you use. Now, that said, on a WordPress site the permalink will be set to the first title you use. This can be changed – but if you have posted out any links to the post on social media or other sites if you change the permalink – they will no longer work.

If you haven’t posted out any links, and the only way to view this post is by clicking on the link on your page, then changing the permalink will not be a problem.

Ok, now we’ve covered that. The first title you use is not, necessarily, the one you need to stick with. In fact, it’s better to try changing this a few times. What you want to do is go through something called A/B split testing.

A/B split testing, to try and explain, is where you may have 2 or 3 titles. You try the first and see how it fairs, then you try the second and so on. Now, that really isn’t true A/B testing, you need to be running them a the same time – but you can try running with one title for a few days and swap.

There are plugin’s out there, such as Thrive Headline Optimizer. These will allow you to A/B Split Test titles and even choose the best one for you.

Getting the right title will certainly give your posts more clicks.

So, post titles are important

So, post titles, what you use to gather the readers to your posts are incredibly important. In many cases, they are more important to get right than the content themselves.

Use A/B Split Testing. Use search engines, such as Google and Bing, to research questions being searched for and use these to write the best title possible. Get your posts seen.

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