Working For Rewards And Not Fulfilment

Working For Rewards And Not Fulfilment

Let me start with a question. Do you feel the job that you are doing is what you really want to be doing? Do you feel you are only working for the pay and weekends or is it the work you do that you enjoy the most?

Lately, I’ve been listing to a few audiobooks on becoming great – or something to that effect. The basic premise is; do something you enjoy and aim for brilliance.

So, becoming brilliant has a little more to it than that – but it truly is the basic premise. You will never become the best at something you don’t enjoy.

Pay over fulfilment

The way I see work is: pay is the bi-product of doing something you enjoy. It should be the work that fulfils you, pays you, and the pay for the job should just be a bi-product; something to pay the bills and buy stuff.

From a very young age, we are all indoctrinated into the notion of pay for work. As an example, let us look at the nursery rhyme See Saw Margery Daw

See Saw Margery Daw, Johnny shall have a new master; Johnny shall earn but a penny a day, Because he can’t work any faster.

Modern editions replace the name Johnny with names such as Jacky – though it is still the same nursery rhyme.

This nursery rhyme is telling us, from a very young age, that we need to work and if we don’t work hard we don’t earn much money. It doesn’t say – work and enjoy what you are doing.

Add to this how we teach children to earn money for doing chores – such as take the trash out, do the dishes and you get your pocket money at the end of the week.

We teach and are taught from a young age that we should do things we don’t enjoy to earn money.

How can we change this?

Well, for the next generation it is easy. 

First, we should encourage our children to do the chores regardless of any money. They should not be expecting pocket money depending on doing the dishes, taking out the trash and any other household job. They need to learn to do it for, and as part of, the family.

Second, we should give them pocket money regardless. Pocket money should be given to teach them how to handle money growing up. It should not be dependant on doing work.

For ourselves, it’s a little more difficult. We see ourselves in a position of needing to work to earn money so that we can provide for our family. In many cases, we can’t just stop working and start doing something else we are going to enjoy.

If you can; then take this chance to figure out exactly what you want to do and just start doing it. Work out how you can earn money to live as a bi-product to that.

For those that can’t – it’s possible that all we can do is help our children fulfil their lives. That being said, you could start looking at what you enjoy and start that in your off-time. 

Try to figure out how you can fit it into your schedule – then figure out if you can make it provide. The balance is to find something you really enjoy doing – and that producing enough revenue to provide what you need.

The money should not be what you do it for; it should just be the bi-product.

We must all find what we enjoy doing and aim for mastering

Whether it’s to earn money or just for enjoyment. To become brilliant – the first step is to really find something we enjoy doing and to always aim at mastering.

Mastering something should never be achievable – but the enjoyment you get from this enjoyable task should drive us always towards mastering.

If you can earn a living from it then you may be able to eventually stop the work you don’t enjoy – what doesn’t fulfil you – and start doing more of the things you do enjoy.

One of the things I enjoy is technology. Creating websites. Writing posts. As of this moment, I don’t get loads of visitors. |However, I still enjoy doing it – so whenever I get a spare moment I write a post – on this site and a few others.

What I share are the things I learn. Sharing these with you gives me enjoyment and if I can help you find something you enjoy then all the better.

I hope you find your thing and keep visiting as some of the posts may spur your ideas and help you along the journey.

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